We’ve expanded into copywriting!

In addition to content design services, we recently had an opportunity to expand our skillset, into the exciting world of copywriting! We were asked to provide website copy for a local startup business called Thrive. You can check them out at http://www.itstime2thrive.co.uk

Thrive are passionate about helping people and businesses look after and improve mental health. They were created with a single goal in mind – that you and your mental health are treated with care and compassion. They want to break down the sadly still too common stigma and discrimination that can be associated with mental ill health.

Obviously there are certain challenges when writing subject-specific copy, and mental health is no different. Thrive aren’t selling products, they’re offering an altruistic service. The words have to be chosen carefully to give the right impression. In this instance Thrive wanted their tone of voice to be one of encouragement and support. So we had to put some thought into planning the copy and satisfying their brief.

Good mental health is something we’re very passionate about here at LEH Design http://www.leh-design.co.uk It’s a subject which has started to gain a lot of traction recently. Of course, even in “normal” times it’s something we could all do with paying closer attention to.

Obviously though, our world has been turned upside down this year, and it can sometimes be difficult to process everything that’s going on. Luckily there are people like the team at Thrive who want to help, and who can offer expert advice.

Thankfully the feedback on the Thrive website has been very positive! So a huge thank you to Simon and the team for the guidance and collaboration they provided. Thrive are based in Milton Keynes, and we wish them the very best success. We really enjoyed this commission!

Thrive can also be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.