How to start a company page on LinkedIn

For this next blog post, I thought I’d write about how to start a company page on LinkedIn. I won’t go through the step-by-step process in any detail here. That’s something that can easily be found on numerous blogs and marketing sites. But it’s a good example of yet another crucial thing to do when setting up a small business. Make sure people know you exist!

The LinkedIn company page for LEH Design can be found HERE. As we know, it’s the prime platform for B2B connections and building a network. When starting out from scratch, I think one of the most daunting aspects is obviously “where am I going to get customers from?” It’s reassuring that various online platforms and tools can do at least some of the heavy lifting. Rather unsurprisingly LinkedIn is far more effective at generating leads than Twitter or Facebook.

Before we go on, I found this page HERE a very useful synopsis and how-to guide. Explains the basics very well for newcomers and provides lots of links for other content and further knowledge.

The key piece of advice was to upload as many details as possible on your company page. There were some rather fascinating snippets of information too. For example, companies with logos get six times as many visits as companies without. Something as simple as a logo!

The ‘company description’ section is another important one. It’s the ideal place to talk about your company mission, or values. It’s a place to list some of the services you provide. Again, this is stating the obvious. But basically it’s a place to provide context, information, and a bit of personality. After all people deal with people, not robots. A little bit of humanity goes a long way.

There’s also a brief but useful analytics summary. You can keep a track of who is interacting with your company page, and how they’re doing it. This has been good for us because in the few days since we launched the page, we’ve had a very encouraging response. It’s been really heartening to see people have been viewing the page, following us, and clicking through to the website.

Finally, the content output from your business page is really important. Discovering best practice. What to post and when to post it. What to share or like. How to use the hashtags. Much of this is common sense really. But even so, it’s easy to make a false step or two.

So what’s next? Well, most important thing now is to create a marketing strategy, and/or a content calendar. What’s the best way to use all these online platforms? What’s the best way to work smartly, not duplicate workload?

So that’s another small step completed. We cannot wait to make the next step!